On The Issues

Crack down on price-gouging corporations

Prices are too high for hardworking families, while huge corporations rake in record profits from their price hikes.

Sheila will crack down on price-gouging to get relief at the pump and the grocery store for working Coloradans.

Protect Jeffco schools from extremist agendas

Our public school system is the key for kids to learn the skills they need to find opportunity in life.

Sheila will protect schools from extreme ideologues trying to force their politics into Jeffco classrooms.

Saving people money on health care

From capping the price of insulin to letting Coloradans purchase prescriptions from Canada,

Sheila will stand up to the pharmaceutical industry. She will work every day to lower the cost of health care and protect coverage for preexisting conditions – to keep people from getting kicked off their insurance plans.

Protecting women from out-of-control politicians

Politicians on the far-right are passing more and more extreme laws attacking the rights of women to travel for abortion care – even if their life is at risk.

Sheila will stand up for the freedom of Jeffco women from government overreach, fight for the protections in the Reproductive Health Equity Act.

Making Jeffco Safer

Sheila will make sure that our first responders have the tools they need to protect our communities. She will protect funding for Jeffco’s police, fire and EMS.

Sheila will support efforts to get prosecutors the tools they need to keep violent offenders off the streets.